One of my tasks over the last couple of months has been to find the perfect bed for our eldest, Edith. Her cot bed which has served her well from the age of four months was beginning to look a little small! Plus Maggie, who turned two at the end of January only had a cot and so would soon need to go into a bigger bed. I thought finding a bed for Edith would be a relatively simple task, but alas it has proved anything but. Mainly because of the need to make a decision as to ...


It's official, I love Spring! Not just because it feels lighter and warmer, but because it makes me want to venture outside and do stuff. Whilst we have had a few sunny days already, yesterday was the first day we could all get out in the garden and enjoy it as a family. High up on Edith's 'to do' list  was to make mud pies. Having grown up on a farm where mud was in abundance this used to be one of my favourite activities too. Happy to continue this tradition we both got stuck ...






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