The next few months at Blue Ticking HQ are going to be very exciting because we have lots going on and lots to work on. One of the things which we are busy beavering away with is getting ready for our two pop up shops at The Medicine Garden, Cobham in November. We have been keen to try something like this for a while and after a few visits to check out the site it seemed like the perfect fit for us. For those who have yet to have the pleasure of going there, it's an ...


Tomorrow Miss Edith will be heading back to school and into Year One. This in itself is quite remarkable given it only seems like yesterday I was waving her off into Reception. It's funny how things change in a year and how much she has grown up from that nervous looking four year old by our front door. Fast forward a year and the summer holidays were upon us. The timing was perfect because both kids were pretty much on their knees with tiredness so I was looking forward to a ...






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