What is #ourspacetocreate? We are so excited to have started a campaign which celebrates creative spaces. We sell a range of goods but vintage school desks are at our core and what we love most. They each tell a different story with their unique scribbles and markings and provide a space to create and be you. We passionately believe that having a creative space is so important for children and adults alike. We want to shine a light on their importance in letting kids be kids and ...


We are so excited to be interviewing the brilliant Emily Quinton for our new #ourspacetocreate blog.  Emily is the founder of the wonderful Makelight community, an author, photographer and mum of four children.   Emily‚Äôs passion for creativity and how it can enhance your life totally resonates with us and what we want to champion at Blue Ticking. In this interview Emily tells us about her creative spaces at work and home and why they are so important to her and ...






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