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A day in the life!

As you will know from my last post we are opening a concession at the beginning of September in the wonderful Manns of Cranleigh. I thought I would share how our preparations are coming along by giving you an insight into what I have been working on in the last few days.

I have had a great couple of days focusing on the space which has been really fun. Yesterday I organised a meeting with a company to talk signage and today I have spent quite a few hours at my desk trying to pin point which goods we will launch with and also the design of the space.


This seemed like quite a daunting task at first because of the endless possibilities, but the space is gradually taking shape on paper and i’m getting butterflies of excitement with how it could look. It’s really interesting to think about what will work in the space and what people might buy because it could be quite different to what sells on our website. I really want to have a great mix of our core, vintage one off items, mixed in with some great room paraphernalia. We have sourced some of the goods already but the next couple of months will be busy gathering the rest and also creating new goods and some old favourites.

I have also been thinking about how to display the goods and what fixtures and fittings we may need to source to help with this. Then there is the dilemma of what colour to paint the walls. Do we stick with our classic Cornforth White, (which is actually grey) or do we go for something more bold? All of these things are running through my head at record speed! After a speedy lunch I then made a quick call to our insurance company to check our goods would be covered in store. The answer was yes, so thats ones less thing to worry about.

This afternoon I also met with a great local company to talk through refreshing the luggage labels which we add to each item and about the possibility of putting together a striking sign which explains who we are and what we do. I want people to really buy into Blue Ticking and connect with all we are trying to achieve.

What will tomorrow bring I wonder? Hopefully I will get a chance to go to the barn to finish off some goods before I photograph them and I also need to make some cakes for Miss Edith and Miss Maggie to sell at their Pre School. Work and family life in perfect harmony!!!!

I best sign off because I want to share my thoughts and really bad drawings of the space (i’m no artist) with John to see what he thinks, hopefully over a much needed glass of wine! Don’t laugh at the below!



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