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A very indulgent morning!

This morning I did something I have never done before. I went for my first country walk on my own since having children! No biggy you are probably thinking, but actually it was. It felt very indulgent because I don’t have a dog to exercise and I was meant to be cracking on with some work on the computer amongst other things. I just had a sudden urge to get out and have some time on my own away from everything. I can’t lie, the constant “it was mine first” and “but I didn’t have a long go” this morning, no doubt contributed to my need to escape.

So I dropped the kids off and set off  on one of our favourite family walks. It has a bit of everything, fab woods, brilliant opportunities for garden nosing and a constant supply of muddy puddles and mud in general. In a few weeks it will also be a sea of bluebells which only adds to its charm.

Whilst I felt a bit guilty and naughty for doing something not work orientated, for the kids or tidying the house I soon got over it and felt remarkably liberated. Who would have thought a simple walk could feel this good?


About half way round there is a wooden bridge where we often play the old school game of pooh sticks. Not the greatest torrent of water but something none the less and always a highlight for the kids. It’s also at this point that we usually have a chocolate button stop. Sadly I forgot these this morning which was a big regret as it’s not often I get to eat a whole packet without prying hands.


The walk didn’t take long, but it was wonderful and a real treat. It gave me time to ponder and think about everything and anything. When you are rushing about so much you don’t often look at whats around you. Today I did and it was glorious, even the mud looked wonderful!


Life is busy, non stop and at times frenetic, so after this morning I have come to realise that these moments of indulgence are an absolute must and are good for the soul. I resolve to do more, not least because we live in such a beautiful and inspiring part of the country.

Now for a biccy and shot of caffeine!


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