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Brilliant Storage Solutions for Kids

There were many reasons why we set up Blue Ticking, but one of them was to source and create wonderfully practical and beautiful looking storage. This has always been a priority in our home where inbuilt storage is virtually non existent and the piles of toys and clothes only seems to grow. It’s also never more apparent after Christmas when suddenly whatever storage you have doesn’t seem enough with the new influx. It’s therefore on my mind a lot at the moment hence why I thought it might be good to share my thoughts.

We have two small children so it’s imperative that whatever we use works for them as well as us. When  sourcing storage there are a number of things to consider:

  • Do you want storage which is accessible for children? Always a good idea if you want help tidying up and want them to be a little self sufficient in getting toys!
  • Do you want whatever you are storing on show or hidden away?
  • Do you want moveable storage or something fixed in place?
  • Which room is it going in? Do you lack space and therefore need storage which can be hidden away? For example under the bed.
  • What do you want to use the storage for?
  • Do you want the storage to double us as something else? For example a seat.
  • How safe/secure is it? You don’t want children to be able to pull it down on themselves for example
  • Will it grow with the child? You don’t necessarily want to be replace lots of goods in a few years time. I know I certainly want items which are fit for purpose now and will continue to be so in years to come.

It’s become apparent since starting Blue Ticking that storage is key for our brilliant customers. Over the next few months it’s a part of the business we really want to concentrate on to ensure we have lots of options for different spaces. One thing we will be making our storage cubes, a bit like the ones shown here which we have in our playroom. They are both fun and adaptable and could store a whole plethora of items. Look out for them with fabulous ticking

I also love anything which is on wheels because it can easily be moved to a different space and the kids love them too. This old sugar crate which we upholstered in Blue Ticking and these sturdy crates proved very popular and didn’t hang around for



We have lots of storage ideas on the website and it’s an area we are always adding to so do take a look regularly.

Don’t forget that whilst storage is essential and needs to be practical it can also be fun and incredibly stylish.


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