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Fabulous Treasure Boxes

One of the wonderful things about Blue Ticking is being able to experiment with new products. I am very lucky to have John on board who is quite the carpenter and creator of brilliant things. We both have a love of trinkets, though his idea of what a trinket is can be quite different to mine! He has been known to find an in tact lollypop on the beach with the wrapper perfectly in place but with the lolly no longer inside. Screams of joy and delight could be heard for miles when John stumbled across this amazing find! When we got home it very quickly made it onto our mantle piece which in all honesty I struggled with! Safe to say it’s now in one of his many storage boxes of ‘treasured finds!’ though it’s not looking quite as healthy as it did when John first discovered it about 12 years ago in Cornwall!


We do however, have a joint love of sea glass.  I remember being about 8 months pregnant with Maggie (and not feeling overly comfortable) when John and I found ourselves on a beach in Kent. We immediately got to work in search of sea glass, no mega bump was going to stop us let me tell you! A couple approached and asked what we were doing. We said looking for sea glass to which they replied what do you do with it? Our answer was quite simple, “we put it in a jar!” After a rather strange and confused look they quickly scuttled off no doubt thinking we were completely mad!


During our 14 years together we have scoured many a beach and as a consequence have lots of jars of these brilliantly simple treasures dotted around the house.  With this in mind, one of the goods we wanted to create when we started BT was a range of display boxes which would enable kids of all ages and even adults to showcase their trinkets and loved items. Both of our daughters collect little toys and find things that they want on show and not hidden away. Here is Miss Maggie’s filled to the brim with all her favourite characters and special pieces. Edith’s looks very similar but has slightly been taken over with aqua and hanna bead creations, her great love at the moment!


With this in mind John set about creating a simple box structure which had different compartments of varying size. To add to their charm we then paint the boxes in our various signature Farrow and Ball colours and then either line the back with ticking fabric or paper. Over the last year we have sold lots and many now adorn hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and playrooms. If you like the look of them but are after something a bit bigger/smaller we can happily accommodate this too, simply get in touch.

We have also discovered other brilliant display goods on our antique hunts and below are just a couple of our favourites.


Do get in touch if you think the little person in your life could do with one of these fab treasure boxes 🙂 Treasures and trinkets need to be admired and shown off, not hidden away! We say embrace the treasures, unless they are lolly-less lollypops of course!

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