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Christmas is coming!

CHRISTMAS, ARGH! How is it nearly upon us? Like many of you no doubt, I am slightly dumbfounded that we are fast approaching the end of November and therefore the beginning of December. It’s officially action stations in the Shaw household, well for me anyway! The mammoth present buying must commence and I need to get myself organised. I tend to do a mixture of online shopping and then I have the odd day when I hit the shops. The latter has yet to happen so I have spent many a spare moment scouring the online sites. Success has been minimal, but I have yet to start the classic panic buying. I imagine this will set in about week two of December!

I do love Christmas; I love buying all the presents, (as long as I have an inkling of what to get, otherwise stress sets in) Christmas decorations and the general lead up to the big day. Each year I buy a few more decorations for the tree and house. I especially love a coordinated look but John is more of a anything goes kind of guy, something I try desperately to embrace particularly given the lovely items the kids now bring home post craft sessions!!!!! Who knows what this year will bring, but lets hope it’s fabulous!

Going back to present buying, I can’t talk on the subject without mentioning Miss Edith. Whilst flicking through the Toys R US catalogue she recently recited the following; “I want that, that, that, that, that, that, oh and that, that, that, that, maybe that, that, that, oh and can I have that, oooh I love that, can I have that too? Think that’s it mummy.” Hmmn, whilst I love her earnest and frankly straight up approach, I think about one item on the list will make it past quality control! Less is more as they say!

We are also in the throws of mastering the Nativity play songs. Day and night I am subjected to, (sorry, that should read, ‘thrilled to’) listen to rendition after rendition all in varying keys and with fairly important words missing or replaced with what ever she fancies. I think they call it artistic licence. Stars and shepherds feature heavily and I believe when the 2nd Dec arrives we will witness the classic “Wiggly Nativity!” Miss Maggie will also be taking part in her first nativity play, I have no idea where her current interest levels lie, there has been no nativity ‘chat’. We await her performance with great anticipation!

So, I am on the cusp of embracing all that is Christmas and can’t wait to get stuck in with all the festivities with the kiddy winks and the one now known as ‘gamy thumb’, i.e John! It’s safe to say my absolute favourite things to do at Christmas are; eating pigs in blankets, Christmas tree decorating, drinking the odd glass of prosecco, carol singing, stocking present buying, tucking into the obligatory box of Roses, snuggling up by the fire, long walks, going to lots of parties, seeing friends and family and generally having a restful but fun time. Here’s to a great one 🙂


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