Colourful wire baskets – the perfect storage soltution

When we are on the hunt for new goods we are always striving to find something a bit different to help your kids space stand out, but obviously serves a very useful purpose. Storage solutions are always at the top of our list because if your house is anything like ours there is never enough and we are constantly trying to find new ways to hide away toys and ‘stuff!’

The wire baskets ticked so many boxes when we saw them. We loved their vintage, industrial feel, the various shapes and sizes and the fact we could add our own stamp by spraying them striking colours. They are also brilliantly unique which is always a winner in our books.

It’s quite a straight forward transformation process which is another real bonus. First if required we give them a wire brush, cut any excess wire off, prime them and then spray the colour of choice.



kids-vintage-colourful-baskets-1Once the first few baskets we bought were snapped up we were quickly on the search for more so we could extend our offering and choice. We now have a good range of wire storage baskets to suit every taste and room!

They are brilliant for storing so many different things from toys and socks to shoes and books. We even think some of the larger ones would make very cool log baskets. They also have the added benefit of being small enough to move about in case you fancy a change of location or usage! What’s not to love?!

Have a look at our selection online and let us know your favourite 🙂


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