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Enamel pots; the new brilliant seat/storage combo!

It’s always exciting when a new idea pops into your mind and you can’t wait to set about turning it into an actual product. This is exactly what happened when we spotted the enamel pots on one of our antique fair hunts. I can’t actually take the credit for the idea, it was John who saw the pots and immediately thought something interesting could be done with them. I was the reassuring and positive voice when he aired his idea and said straight away that we needed to buy a few to see if it would work. I loved the fact the pot could double up as both a seat and storage solution and the whole look and feel of it was very different to anything else on the market. It also provided us with another great opportunity to use the ticking fabric and reinforce the brand with one of our products.

So, we set about making our first ‘prototype’ with one of the round pots. John cut out the lid base and then made the seat pad to go on top. The finished product looked fab, but a few tweaks needed to be made to make them even better and user friendly. The seat itself needed a bit more padding to make it look substantial and to ensure the comfy factor was high. John had also made the lid a bit too tight so it was tricky for Miss E and M to take it off to get the items inside.

We showed a few people and they were extremely positive and straight away said they would without a doubt have one in their home. This gave us the confidence to buy more pots to start selling once John had changed the design a little.  This ‘prototype’ now lives in our kitchen and is the perfect extra seat for guests and it also houses our hat, glove and scarf collection!

One of the lovely things about the pots is that they come in various shapes and sizes and some brilliant vintage colours. No one pot is exactly the same which makes them incredibly unique and individual. Not only are they suitable for children, but adults alike. They really are the perfect addition to any room in the house, whether that be a child’s space or not.

We have sold lots already and each one is being used to store different things, from shoes, to toy railway track to outdoor gear. Many sit in hallways so that kids can take their shoes off or put them on and i’m told it’s also makes an ideal naughty step!

We have been so pleased with the response of this fab new product and so we will definitely be sourcing more very soon just in time for Christmas because they make a fabulous gift. In case you can’t wait there are a couple left on the website and you may also still find a couple in our concession at Manns of Cranleigh, Surrey 🙂

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