Exciting new product – wooden storage caddy on castors!

John and I love nothing better than creating new products and playing around with different ideas in the workshop. A few weeks ago we had a delivery of quite a few metal legged school desks as pictured below.


We wanted to try and do something a bit different with some of them and wondered how we could repurpose them into something else. After a bit of deliberation we struck gold and decided that the storage element of the desk could be removed from the frame and turned into an independent storage unit in its own right. To make it even more versatile and user friendly we thought castors could be added to the base so it could move about with ease.


We love the fact they have retained their original character and are brilliantly simple. The caddies make wonderful storage solutions for all sorts of things like books, outdoor wear, treasures and craft bits and bobs. They could even double up as a bedside table or mini bench. We have added one to Maggie’s bedroom and she has filled it with her favourite books. I have already seen her grab and book, put the lid down and sit on the top to read her book! I love watching how our goods are incorporated into the home and can be multi purpose.

One of the reasons we set up Blue Ticking was because we struggled to find pieces of furniture for Edith and Maggie that were not only fit for purpose but we liked and wanted in our home. Whenever we buy goods or create something new this is always at the back of our minds. We feel the wooden storage caddy ticks all the boxes and epitomises the story behind our brand. We also love the fact we have breathed new life into a heritage piece.

We have a few of these caddies available and they are online now!


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