Happy New Year. Back to work happiness!

So 2015 is here, which I can hardly believe. Where has the last 12 months gone? For the Shaw household it has been quite a whirlwind of kids mixed in with setting up a new business. Though it hasn’t always been easy, one thing it has has been is an awful lot of fun and hugely motivating. This is why for me, going back to work this week isn’t too much of a trial. Don’t get me wrong I still hate getting up in the dark and cold, and don’t always relish heading off to what is essentially a cow shed. However, I love Blue Ticking and all that it entails so I am willing to take the rough with the smooth.

2015 I hope will be a big year for us. We are gradually getting the word out and people seem to love our goods. All extremely positive. We now need to continue our marketing drive and produce and find even more brilliant goods. Social media is proving vital and I have big ambitions for the number of likes and followers I want to attract during the year.

Tomorrow is Ardingly and I cannot wait. John will be joining me which is always fun as we often pick out different things and we leave with bits I may not have bought if he wasn’t with me.

So I say bring on 2015. I hope it brings more blue ticking brilliantness, lots of family and friends time, special countryside adventures and even more spoken gems from the kiddy winks!

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