How do we choose our brilliant goods?

Lots of people ask me where we find out brilliant vintage goods and how we choose from the many wonderful things on offer. Being in the Surrey Hills we are very lucky to live not that far away from the South of England show ground. It’s here that Ardingly Antiques Fair is hosted every few months and this is where we find much of our stock. For me, this is a real highlight and even now I get terribly excited on the drive there anticipating the many gems I will hopefully find. The real challenge, however, is to resist buying things for our own home!

Kempton Antiques Fair is another regular on the calendar and this is twice monthly so always a winner when you need stock quickly. It does however, start at 6:30am so in order for you to find the best goods you need to be an early riser. Some days are easier than others!

On every trip I have an idea of what vintage items I would like to find, so recently school desks and children’s chairs have been high up on the list, as have interesting storage solutions. We try and look for goods which are a little different and have a certain charm about them. It’s very important to us that both the child and the parent love what we sell and that a child’s space is an extension of a home rather than a separate entity. This is why much of what we source, could in fact go anywhere in the home, but we present it in a ‘child friendly’ way.

We source both goods which need a bit of Blue Ticking magic added to them and also ones which simply need a good wash, sand or wax. We don’t shy away from a restoration project, in fact we seek them out!

We also love finding goods where we can add ticking fabric. In the past we have lined bookcases and cabinets, covered chests and upholstered wonderful vintage occasional chairs. We absolutely love ticking so if we can use it on one of our goods, we will!


So finding the next fabulous thing is never far from our minds and much of the joy comes from not knowing what brilliant children’s goods you may stumble upon. Every day is different and that only adds to the brilliantness of working at Blue Ticking.

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