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Introducing The Maggie – Smart storage and seating!

When John and I first thought about Blue Ticking our aim was to source and create goods that were practical, great to look at and really individual. I remember the day when John, (yes I must give him credit for this) first dreamt up the idea of The Maggie. We were at one of our favourite antique fairs and whilst wandering around he spotted a few old enamel storage pots. He picked one up and said “I wonder if we could make these into seats by adding a new cushioned top. They would then double up as seating and storage.” Now a lot of John’s ideas are met with a slight rolling of the eye because if i’m totally honest they can be a bit off the wall! This one however, wasn’t, and I knew straight away he was onto something. We immediately bought a couple and John set about making a prototype which still resides in our kitchen to this day. This in a nutshell is how The Maggie was born.


We have since made quite a few and over the course of a year the pot has undergone a few changes to ensure the seat pad is even more squishy and can easily be lifted off by little hands eager to get to their shoes, hats or toys!

From those first few pot sales and through showing them to various friends, it soon became clear that this was one of our products which people really seemed to love . However, we never had many in stock at any one time and we also didn’t think the photos we had did the product justice. So a few months ago we decided to go big and really focus on producing more and how we could better show case their many facets. We thought a cool and fun video would help with the latter so we set about getting this made with our two kids as the cheeky models! Here is the result, we hope you like it.


Why did we call it The Maggie?

We wanted to come up with a name that was a bit more exciting than ‘Enamel pot seat with lid’ (which is what we had been calling it), and also something that had a bit of meaning and playful feel. A few names were banded about but ultimately The Maggie was the outright winner. For those of you who don’t know, our youngest daughter is called Maggie and the pot with its playful, fun and individual features seemed to mirror her personality! Plus, Blue Ticking was dreamt up when I was on maternity leave with her, so it all just seemed to fit. There is a bit of pressure now however, to come up with a new product for our eldest daughter Miss Edith!!!


What were the pots originally used for?

Storing food. Most of the pots come from Eastern Europe.

Why do we think The Maggie is the best thing since sliced bread?

  • It’s smart. It provides both brilliant storage and flexible seating
  • It has a really squishy seat pad which means it’s very comfy for all those bums out there in need of a seat!
  • They come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours
  • They not only look great, but they are practical too
  • They aren’t just for kids! They are perfect for adult bottoms too, (tried and test by the grown up Shaw family members)
  • They provide nifty and accessible storage – even little fingers can easily lift the lid off to get what they want
  • No one pot is the same, making them totally unique and individual
  • They are small enough to move about, so if you fancy it in another room just pick it up and start rearranging!

What can you store in The Maggie?

Absolutely anything and everything! Lots of our brilliant customers have used them for shoes, hats and scarfs, lego, soft toys, toilet rolls; the possibilities are endless. Simply chuck it all in, pop the lid on and the mess has gone!


How can I pick my perfect Maggie?

Simply head to The Maggie product page….


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