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Miss Maggie Turns Two!

So today was Miss Maggie’s 2nd birthday and we have been in full celebration mode. I’m not sure she was completely aware of what was going on, but she has certainly mastered the art of opening presents and the word “mine” has been shouted out with great intent on a number of occasions! It’s been lovely to see her so happy and for Edith to join in with all the excitement.


Maggie was born two weeks early on a chilly January morning. I knew it was unlikely I would reach full term as Edith was born at 36 weeks and so I was on high alert from early January. I didn’t however, expect such a quick labour and one at home. Like many parents I often think about that day and of course it’s always heightened on their birthday.

After family celebrations at the weekend today has mostly be about John, Edith, Maggie and I. We have eaten oodles amount of cake, scootered in the park, opened lots of presents and finished the day at a fab Cowboy themed restaurant where we ate more than we should, and then a bit more for good measure! Apart from neither child liking their pizza, due to it tasting ‘different’ to other pizza outlets (I think you can guess which one) it was a hit!


So whilst I sit here reminiscing about the day its got me thinking about why birthdays are so brilliant. Here’s my top five:

  1. Cake is acceptable at any time of the day
  2. The kids can get away with most things so meltdowns are at an all time low! (theoretically anyway!)
  3. Opening presents is always a blast, whether their yours or not
  4. The party food comes out. After all who doesn’t love a cocktail sausage and some fake cheese?
  5. You get to hear people who can’t sing, sing happy birthday. Always a giggle
  6. I know I said five, but am sneaking another one in! You get to spend time with the ones you love

So a great day; perfectly simple but wonderfully memorable.

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