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More Family Days Out

Setting up a new business and looking after two small children is fabulous, but busy and at times very fraught. I often feel very guilty that I don’t do enough with Edith and Maggie, or at least things which are meaningful or pure and simple fun. So one of my goals for 2015 is to switch off more (from Blue Ticking) when I am with them, and spend more days out as a family. We put this into practice last weekend and decided to hit Brighton which luckily for us is only about 40 minutes away.

We had no agenda, only that we wanted to see the sea and partake in losing some 2ps on the pier. We did both and also made our way to the aquarium, had fish and chips and Edith scootered along the front. I think the whole time John was wondering when I would mention the possibility of looking at the Lanes and shops, but I managed to resist. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping in Brighton, but it’s not kiddy friendly and I wanted it to be purely about them. Selfless indeed, though of course there are a number or art outlets along the seafront which hadn’t escaped me, naughty mummy! One being the blinder of a shop that is Castor + Pollux. daysout-beach-brighton-2

I love looking at the various prints and books and the highlight was seeing some new Quentin Blake originals, one of my favourite illustrators. It took a lot to walk away empty handed!

The first thing we did was to go down onto the beach. John and I are obsessed with collecting sea glass and every beach we go on we have to try and find some. On one occasion on a beach in Kent we were asked by a couple what we were doing bent over examining the pebbles in such detail! At the time I was heavily pregnant with Maggie so probably not the best activity for me, but such is the draw of green and blue sea glass. When we told them they then asked what we would do with it and our answer was to simply put it in a jar. They gave us a puzzled look and quickly scurried off! It’s obviously not a thriving hobby for others! The great news for us is Miss E and Miss M appear to have the same sea glass hunting enthusiasm. This makes John and I very happy and proud indeed!daysout-beach-brighton-3

Our next stop was the pier and Edith got very excited when we entered the arcade and 2ps kept flooding out of the machine. Of course they went straight back in again so we left no better off, but that’s what it’s all about, right? We then headed to the aquarium which was a real hit. They both loved seeing all the various underwater creatures and Edith even braved touching a star fish and sea urchin, quite out of character. Negotiating the shop at the end of these attractions is always joyous. It seems they just want to buy everything and anything and usually the tackiest on offer! How we came away with just a plastic sea horse and star fish I don’t know. Think I will have to credit John with that one!

Post fish gazing we headed off for fish and chips. In true Edith style she ordered a sausage and Maggie got what she was given! It was a real treat to eat fish by the sea and boy did it taste good. We had a post lunch scooter on the front along with the obligatory seaside ice cream and then headed home.

It was a simple but fabulous day and reminded me that you don’t need to do a lot to have a blast. You also don’t need to go very far as there are so many wonderful places on your door stop. Next stop is London. I shall report back 🙂


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