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New hashtag launched to celebrate your creative spaces

What is #ourspacetocreate?

We are so excited to have started a campaign which celebrates creative spaces.

We sell a range of goods but vintage school desks are at our core and what we love most. They each tell a different story with their unique scribbles and markings and provide a space to create and be you.

We passionately believe that having a creative space is so important for children and adults alike. We want to shine a light on their importance in letting kids be kids and grown ups to relax and feel inspired. No matter how big or small we all need that nook, desk or corner to do out thing. It doesn’t have to involve a desk, it could literally be an area you use to draw, read, get crafty, work or do the dreaded homework

We are asking people to share their creative space by uploading a photo on their Instagram feed and tagging it with the hashtag #ourspacetocreate. It’s that simple to get involved. We will then share our favourites and pick someone to win the monthly prize.

Our website will now also feature a dedicated #ourspacetocreate page which will include info about the initiative, the instagram feed showcasing the tagged images, the new #ourspacetocreate blog (check out our first interview here) and info on how you can set up your own space with the help of our goods.

Our creative spaces

To give you a bit of inspiration here are a few pictures of the creative spaces we have in our home and at the studio!


I also spoke to our daughters Edith (7) and Maggie (6) to find out about their favourite spaces and how they make them feel. This is what they said:


Where is your creative space?

I have a few but my favourite one is my new desk in my bedroom.


What do you love about your desk?

It has lots of space for me to draw and write notes and I love the shelf underneath which I can use for all of my pads, pencil cases and special things.

What’s your favourite thing to do at your desk?

Drawing, writing and making things.

How does being at your desk make you feel?

Happy because it’s my very own space that no one else uses.

What’s your favourite thing on your desk?

All of my doodle pads, I have lots of different ones for my drawing and writing! My current favourite is a sparkly one I got for Christmas.


Where is your creative space?

The one I love the most is our mud kitchen that Daddy made for Edith and I.


Why do you love it so much?

I can make anything I want to. I also love being outside and it’s something my sister and I do together. 

How does being in that space make you feel?

Happy because I can make lots of different things and it doesn’t matter if I get dirty!

What’s your favourite thing in the mud kitchen?

All the mud because you can make lots of different things with it! I like it best when I add water to the mud because you can mould it into different shapes.

Don’t forget to head to our dedicated #ourspacetocreate page to find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved and set about creating your own space!

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