ourspacetocreate-stepsWhat is #ourspacetocreate?

We sell a range of goods but vintage school desks are at our core and what we love most. They each tell a different story with their unique scribbles and markings and provide a space to create and be you. We passionately believe that having a creative space is so important for children and adults alike. No matter how big or small we all need that nook, desk or corner to do our thing.

With all of the above in mind, we want to celebrate creative spaces and shine a light on their importance in lettings kids be kids and grown-ups to relax and feel inspired. We want this conversation to grow and become central to our story and something we as a brand champion.

How can you get involved?

We are asking people to share their creative space in their home, studio or place of work.

It doesn’t have to involve a desk, it could literally be an area you use to draw, read, get crafty, work or do the dreaded homework! We want to see a whole plethora of creative spaces that involve both kids and adults. The nature of a creative space means it might be a bit messy and we love that! It doesn’t have to be a perfectly styled interiors shot.

All you need to do is post a photo of your creative space on your Instagram feed and add the hashtag #ourspacetocreate

We will share our favourites each month and then pick one person to win the monthly prize. (To be in with a chance of winning you must be following us, @blueticking and the prize giver/s.)

DECEMBER PRIZE: A beautiful pom pom wreath from the very talented Never Perfect Studio.

Blue Ticking Instagram


Creative Spaces celebrated

Wow, look at all of your wonderful creative spaces!

Below are the images on Instagram that have been tagged with the hashtag.

It’s a grey and rainy Friday here in London, but it’s FRIDAY nonetheless! This is another view of my kids room with the new play area in the nook that used to house my youngest’s cot. My intention was to create a zone for playing while the rest of the room would be for sleeping and getting dressed only. We used to have the play area in the middle and it was always a distraction at bedtime. I also liked the idea of making a place to create, inspired by blueticking ‘s #ourspacetocreate which the kids now have in the corner. Also of note is our new leopard 🐆 wall hanger from handmadelittlebeaux and our tidy_books bookshelf that I’ve loaded up with festive reading material! (This photo contains #gifted items) #cornerofmykidsroom #little_bookworm_challenge #kidsbookstagram #kidsbookswelove #kidsbooks #whatsonmybookshelf #kidsbookshelf ...

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This is the Sparkle space where it happens. That little old sewing machine that now sounds like a tractor is in the middle of our home set against a backdrop of family life. The decision to put the studio here came after several possible alternatives including selling the house, buying something bigger, renting a studio, removing the exquisite apple tree and putting a studio in the little garden, converting the attic, or digging up the foundations of the house and decking out the cellar. In the end we decided that we were just too tired and it would be ok just like this. And you know, it’s perfect! So it was a total treat to be asked about my little studio and think a little on the fabulous topic of creativity by Helen of blueticking as part of #ourspacetocreate and in answering these questions I realised that this space is really not about me but it’s about US, the sparkle family and you. Through these squares you are in this space with us and so the space we occupy is bigger than just this little backroom and the sewing table, it’s bonkersly big, far bigger than anything I could have imagined. So I guess I should say welcome and thanks for dropping in. Next time I’ll pop the kettle on😘✨ Thought provoking and wonderful sparkling stuff, read it here 👇🏼✨ . https://www.blueticking.co.uk/the-queen-of-sparkle-talks-everything-creative/ . #sharethesparkle #myhome #studio #behindthescenes #meetthemaker ...

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Well, it’s November, so that means it’s basically Christmas, right?! What better way to celebrate, than with a Festive Flamingo? 😉🎄 ...

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There is a new hashtag #ourspacetocreate created by the brilliant vintage furniture brand blueticking. I’ve tided up my desk to share it with you this morning. Share pictures of your space and your children’s and you can win some fabulous prizes 🎉⚡️✏️✂️🦖 ...

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#OURSPACETOCREATE Your idea + our studio= endless possibilities Do you have an idea for a workshop, class, or community meet-up? Studio 42 is opening its doors to other local creatives and freelancers and community groups to use our space on a weekly basis. Monthly memberships are available beginning January 1, 2020. #OURSPACE Studio 42 is a creative space for events, workshops, camps, birthday parties, meet-ups and more. Our space comfortably seats 14 people around 2 tables, and offers a cozy entry space for hanging out or a reading and knitting circle. #MEMBERSHIPOPTIONS Sign up for weekly slots in the studio. Membership use includes exclusive use of the studio for two hours at a time on a weekly basis. Prices range depending on how many slots per week. This offers an affordable opportunity for freelancers and creatives to have a space that feels like your own. #COMMUNITY Studio 42 is a space where people gather to create in a positive, friendly, and motivating environment. Our network can help cross promote events with the other freelancers in the Studio 42 family and to get the word out about events to a larger community. We hope you"ll join our community! Please help us spread the word and share this with anyone who might be interested. Applications can be sent immediately through mid December in order to be considered for January 1st. All questions should be sent via email to shelley@studio42hh.com OR DM us for more information. www.studio42hh.com #hamburg #studio42 #artstudio #teambuilding #veranstaltungsplanung #veranstaltungsort #kreativteambuilding #privateeventspace #startuplife #kidsparty #birthdayparty #bacheloretteparty #creativeworkshop #customizedevents #workshop #instart #cheaperthantherapy #diy #painting #drawing #marbling #heimathafenhamburg #welovehh #art #love #instagood ...

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Taking part in blueticking new hashtag #ourspacetocreate This is our little we_are_konoc space, and there is a lot of creating going on in here on a daily basis! Creating all your lovely orders, creating new ideas, new colour combinations, new products, new collaboration! I definitely have a creative mind, sometimes it goes completely off on a journey of its own and I have to try and rain it back in, and other times I like my imagination run free. Tonight I’m current sat at this machine making a little last minute crocodile tail for Roccos #worldbookday costume (check out my stories for more pics of this, its very last minute, who knows how this will turn out, it’s the thought that count right 🐊) This is definitely my happy place, sat her in my little theloftandus jungle 🌴🌴 and I lucky to call it my office each day. Can’t wait to see everyone’s #ourspacetocreate over the next few weeks/months, so do join in if you fancy showing us where you create, as I love seeing how different each space is 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . #studio #studiospace #create #creativespace #leatherwork #sewingmachine #sewing #farnham #surrey #england #imadethis #handmade #britishbrand #smallbrand #smallbiz #smallbrandbigideas ...

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💓 Always light at the end of our tunnel 💓 #ourspacetocreate Do you ever reflect? What drives you to be the person you want to be? I watch this man on the daily reflect and passionately drive forward with his vision ❤️ #babesgotathinkyface I fell in love with ...

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⚡️It’s giveaway time!! I mean it’s a NEW year, with a NEW konoc_at_home insta interior account after all! And I’m ALL about exploring, learning and creating on these mini squares in 2020! . It’s super simple . . . . . . 1. FOLLOW we_are_konoc 2. FOLLOW konoc_at_home 3. Tag a friend in the comments below who you know loves a little #interiorinspo now and then 😉 . . And the WINNER gets to choose two we_are_konoc leather keyrings with your choice of words on 🔑 and one of our personalised door wedges for your #crib #gaff #abode #house #home #lovepad. So it’s happy days all round! Spread the love and share in your stories for an extra entry and don’t forget to tag both accounts! . . . . The giveaway will run until Sunday 12th Jan at midnight GMT and the winner will be announced and contacted within 48hours. The winner will receive all gifts the following week. Winner must be following both accounts. This competition is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram and is open worldwide. Good luck! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #konocathome #ourspacetocreate #playroom #myhomevibe #behindthebrand #athome #interiordesign #interiorinspo #smallbusiness #leatherbrand #britishbrand #handmade #madeinbritain #konoc #konochomeware #interior #interiorstyling #interiorblog #newinteriorfeed #interiorfeed #discoverunder5k #interiorstyle #myhomevibe #mystyle #whenonedoorshutsanotherdooropens ...

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Volume 8 is flying off to the printers today to start it's journey to eventually end up on your coffee table! Can't quite believe we are adding the eighth edition to this collection!⁣ ⁣ Its been so interesting hearing your guesses on the size of our print run! We've had guesses from 500 right up to 20,000! I did say I'd reveal it on Wed, put I thought our 'going to print' day was more fitting. ⁣ ⁣ So, for volume 7, we actually did our biggest run ever at 5950! There was actually two people who guessed 6000 which was closest - brightcornershop & alittletweak - I will DM you both! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ⁣ ⁣ The very first print run we did back in 2016 was just 1300, so things have really grown from then, but printing ain't cheap folks, and I've never taken any loans or investment to fund it, I've always covered it through pre-orders & advertising sales. ⁣ ⁣ So in fact, for the next one I've trimmed it back a little to 5000 as I think our distributor was a little over zealous with our order for the States, where we aren't so well known yet & I'd rather there is minimal wastage & as many of those copies end up in people's homes & not just being recycled at the back of Barnes & Noble... ⁣ ⁣ I would love to get it up to 10,000 in the next few years but it's just whether i can finance a run that size & of course sell that many! ⁣ ⁣ So, make sure you are one of those 5000 people to own a copy of Volume 8! Out early October - available on pre-order or subscription on our website now! ⁣ ⁣ ▪▪▪▪⁣ #magazinecovers⁣ #independentmagazine⁣ #independentmagazines⁣ #indiemagazines⁣ #beautifulmagazines⁣ #printmagazine⁣ #indiepublishing ⁣ #magazinepublishing⁣ #interiorsmagazine⁣ #lifestylemagazine ⁣ #91magazine⁣ #my91magazine⁣ #myworkwall ⁣ #ourspacetocreate⁣ #creativestudio ⁣ #homeoffice ...

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I shared Max’s creative space this morning and in honor of blueticking new # challenge/campaign here is mine. Incidentally I bought the fab vintage orange filing cabinet from them! I adore this room so much and know how lucky I am to have it. You can spy my talented friend niamhgillespiedesign MUMBOSS print on top of the filing cabinet. The ceiling is painted in farrowandball arsenic and the walls are calamine. The shutters were made to measure by hillarysblinds and yes they are pink! Floral paintings on desk by me. The swivel chair is my absolute fave and is from madedotcom and the light is also ! So that’s my creative space let’s see yours and don’t forget to tag it with #ourspacetocreate #studiovibes #interiordesign #pinkandgreen #greenandpink #myinteriorstyle #myinteriorstyle #whereiwork #mumboss #made.com ...

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So after nearly a year of procrastinating about it, I have decided to leave my blog name, Patchwork Harmony, behind. Partly because it just didn't feel like the right fit for me anymore & also because with so little time to actually blog on there, I thought it best to make the website a bit more of a portfolio for my freelance work. ⠀ ⠀ The blog is still there, and I hope to write there as and when I can, but the website is now under my own name & you may have spotted the change to my insta name too. ⠀ ⠀ If you are interested in what I do other than 91magazine do take a look at the new site, and if you have never looked at the blog before you can get a little peek at our home on there as well as my thoughts on other topics such as making sustainable changes at home & the evolving blogging industry....⠀ ⠀ I'd love to hear what you think! ⠀ ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎⠀ #freelancelife #magazineeditor #independentpublisher #freelancewriter #freelancepictureeditor #ourspacetocreate⠀ #creating_boldly⠀ #stylingmycreativity  #seekinspirecreate #creativebusiness #creativebusinessowner #creativewomen #womeninbusiness #myhomevibe⠀ #styleithappy⠀ #interioroftheday⠀ #howyouhome⠀ #nestandthrive ⠀ #cornersofmyhome #pocketsofmyhome ...

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We made a new place to create and draw as we needed a bit more space for us all. It seems to be working well at the moment just need to buy some new stools. I can’t decide between some Tolix or wooden ones #ourspacetocreate #makeandwonder blueticking ...

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Knowing your style ☝🏽 . I see our little family home as another way to express our creativity and I think you can see our core we_are_konoc style throughout it! It’s definitely •Colourful •Playful •Bespoke and •Handmade - Jay Hans painted this wall, triangle by triangle!! He’s way more patient than I am, that’s for sure!!! Artist 👨🏾‍🎨 🎨 . #ourspacetocreate #playroom #myhomevibe #behindthebrand #athome #interiordesign #interiorinspo #smallbusiness #leatherbrand #britishbrand #handmade #madeinbritain #farnham #surrey #konoc #konochomeware #interior #interiorstyling #interiorblog #interiorstyle #myhomevibe #mystyle ...

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We are in this space A LOT! It doesn’t always look like this, at times it have the kids homework’s spread across the table, other times there’s ‘art and craft’ bits ALL over the floor! There’s breakfast stuff, lunch and dinner all consumed on this table as well as it being my work desk when I’m “working from home” and it’s currently filled with Tax return stuff and framed photos ready for the gallery wall going up the stairs (which I still haven’t got around to doing) but let’s get priorities straight! Tax return . . . . . Can wait until Monday! Let’s do the gallery wall 😂👍🏼 . . . . . . . #kitchendinerextension #gallerywall #creativityeveryday #creativekids #chalkboardwall #chalkboardart #playroom #ourspacetocreate #ourfamilyhome #interiordesign #chalkboard #kitchendiner #kitchen #funspace #smallrooms #smallhouses #discoverunder1k #follow #interiors #interiorstyling #myhomevibe #apartmenttherapy #myhome #homevibes #myhomevibe ...

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On the floor is always my children’s favourite place to create. Most of our art clubs are always on the floor too. Exploring watercolours is one of our favourite activities from the Frida Kahlo Box. We mixed watercolours, dribbled glue, mixed salt on top, used masking tape to create squares, blew it around with straws and used droppers to create splats of Colour. Where is your children’s favourite place to draw and paint? #ourspacetocreate ...

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I had a good tidy up in Maggies room yesterday, always helps to clear my mind! Now to tackle Edith’s with her mountain of Barbies, lego and sylvanian families! #kidsroom #kidsbedroom #girlsbedroom #kidsinteriors #interiorsinspo #halfwall #interiorstyling #greenblue #ourspacetocreate #ourhome #kidsroomdecor #decorforkids ...

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Some things old, some things new.... The wallpaper was here when we bought the house...some days I hate it others it’s it grows on me lol but all the other bits and bobs are things I love 😍🙌...especially the desk as it was my dear dads he used to have in his office over in Scotland. . . . . . . #art #colour #desk #workspace #love #artist #interior #home #myhome #myspace #nz #sentimental #stuff #flowers #plants #biglips #friday #ourspacetocreate ...

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This place... a dream of a shop 💕 . . . #shopindependent #shopindie #makersgonnamake #enhancingtheeveryday #meetthemakers #modernmaker #sharinghandmadejoy #buylocal #supportlocal #handmadebyme #capturemycraft #darkinteriors #thinkbigshopsmall #vintagedisplay #myvisualdiary #ourspacetocreate #fierclyindependent #proudcreator #makemoremagic #contemporarycraft #sheffieldstore ...

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Finally entering the blueticking November giveaway #ourspacetocreate. Fern colouring away in her pyjamas at her blueticking vintage chair and desk. She’s just had her room painted and a mutha.hood and wonderandrah print would be great additions for her gallery art wall I’m going to put up soon. ...

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Morning lovelies, there is a new # in town and I want to shout all about it as it’s something close to my own heart! This new campaign #ourspacetocreate has been founded by my favourite kids vintage furniture and storage company blueticking They want to highlight the importance of creative spaces in our homes and not just for our kids but for adults too. The aim of the game is to get as many of you as possible to start sharing your creative spaces with the #ourspacetocreate and each month blueticking will highlight their favourites both on instagram and their website. They will then pick someone to win some fab monthly prizes. It can be anything and doesn’t have to be a desk, it doesn’t have to be styled or tidy, it’s just a space or area where the creative juices flow in your homes! When I revamped Max’s room I absolutely wanted a space for him to be able to sit and be creative, and pretty much ever since this desk has been covered in his little Lego creations! That’s his thing, painting and drawing is mine, reading and writing might be someone else’s! What’s yours? Go on get sharing I can’t wait to see them! Spread the word 🙌🙌🙏 #ourspacetocreate ...

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And the winner is…

@_rebeccaemery. We chose this image because we just love seeing kids engage in creative activities and if it involves a desk, even better! Congratulations Rebecca.


#ourspacetocreate blog

Head over to our blog to read everything creative spaces! Each month we will interview someone about their creative space/s and why it’s important to them.

For Our December interview, we chat to the wonderful Gayle Mansfield of Gayle Mansfield Designs. If you love simple design with a touch of humour you will love Gayle’s prints!

read #ourspacetocreate blog




We want you to feel inspired and help your family connect with their creative side. Your space can be anything you want it to be, there are no rules or parameters.

A desk could be the perfect starting place, as could a fun print, or other room décor.

To help you get started we have put together a range of items. Simply click on any of the images to find out more.

Don’t forget to head over to our blog to read about other creative spaces.





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