ourspacetocreate-stepsWhat is #ourspacetocreate?

We sell a range of goods but vintage school desks are at our core and what we love most. They each tell a different story with their unique scribbles and markings and provide a space to create and be you. We passionately believe that having a creative space is so important for children and adults alike. No matter how big or small we all need that nook, desk or corner to do our thing.

With all of the above in mind, we want to celebrate creative spaces and shine a light on their importance in lettings kids be kids and grown-ups to relax and feel inspired. We want this conversation to grow and become central to our story and something we as a brand champion.

How can you get involved?

We are asking people to share their creative space in their home, studio or place of work.

It doesn’t have to involve a desk, it could literally be an area you use to draw, read, get crafty, work or do the dreaded homework! We want to see a whole plethora of creative spaces that involve both kids and adults. The nature of a creative space means it might be a bit messy and we love that! It doesn’t have to be a perfectly styled interiors shot.

All you need to do is post a photo of your creative space on your Instagram feed and add the hashtag #ourspacetocreate

We will share our favourites each month and then pick one person to win the monthly prize. (To be in with a chance of winning you must be following us, @blueticking and the prize giver.)

June prize: A ‘Never settle petal’ print from the wonderful  Basil and Ford. The print is printed onto vintage book plates and is an original floral illustration by P.J Redoute.

Blue Ticking Instagram


Creative Spaces celebrated

Wow, look at all of your wonderful creative spaces!

Below are the images on Instagram that have been tagged with the hashtag.

Here’s some Friday night inspo for you courtesy of puresaltinteriors who have absolutely nailed this shared room. I love how they’ve taken the stripes around the corner to zone the bunks & the space is so calming & tranquil which is exactly what two busy little surf dudes/dudettes need at the end of a day catching waves. What do you think, do neutrals work for you in a kids’ room or do you prefer brighter colours? ...

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Day 16 of #marchmeetthemaker and today is • Workspace • 🔨 My workplace is a corner of the living room. Somehow even though the room is a small, it works. I have my Juki sewing machine/table next to the window and my desk where I do my computer work and use my domestic machine along the other wall. 🔨 I’d love a bit more storage space for all my materials. I’m always battling with tangled leather straps, my scary draw of fabric scraps and my even scarier zip drawer 🙈 🔨 This is my workspace tidy. You don’t want to see it messy 😂 Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s 💓 #sewingroom #tidyworkshop #whereicreate #myworkshop #whereimake #sewistsofinstagram #makersgonnamake #tidyspacetidymind #wherethemagichappens #creativelifehappylife #abmlifeiscolorful #creativespace #creativemotherhood #wemakecollective #ourspacetocreate ...

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C R E A T E a space where you can play. This is my workspace, located in the heart of our flat, in a corner of our living room. I’m never and always sitting at it because I work in short little spurts as the kids play, or while Norah naps. Maybe it’s a bit cluttered, but I’m constantly inspired by the colours, photos, projects and materials I have stacked in my workspace, so that nothing is too far for me to grab when I have 2 minutes free. #ourspacetocreate ➖ My beautiful desk is from blueticking who is starting a very cool hashtag project called #ourspacetocreate. Share your desk space or where you get creative in your home with the hashtag and you could win a pompom banner made by me and a happyselfjournal! ✏️✂️❤️ ...

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Happy Friday! The weekend is here and we like the sound of that. Open Saturday from 8.30 till 1! Creating with Clay Workshop with lovely Rachel satyaceramics is full to the bream with a lovely group from 1pm...looking forward to a great afternoon of creativity! . . . . . . . #weekendishere #creativeworkshop #createtoinspire #ourspacetocreate #community #bringingcommunitiestogether #bgrounded #lifestylestore #supportyourlocalbusiness #shopsmall #discoverballina #ballina #alstonville #northernriversnsw ...

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Just a peek at the changes we are making to our offices in Ulverston. First coat done... #officemakeover #asundaywellspent #decorating #ourspacetocreate #mentoring #training #marketing #businesssupport #Ulverston #Cumbria ...

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Something a little different from me this afternoon. . As the sun has come back out I thought it would be a good time to snap a quick photo of my workspace and join in with blueticking in launching their new hashtag #ourspacetocreate. Helen is asking people to share their creative spaces, wherever they are and whatever state they may be in, to celebrate the importance of having our own area to be creative. . So this is mine - where all your orders orders made. This sewing desk belonged to my Nan so it's very special to me and I know she'd love to know how much use it's still getting - even if it is slightly chaotic and not very tidy! But then she was anyways pretty muddly herself so I think it must rub off! She was also an incredible seamstress so I like to think a little of that rubs off on me too. Share your creative space, and don't forget to use the tag #ourspacetocreate ...

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The very lovely blueticking has launched a new hashtag today celebrating our creative spaces. We agree with her completely that a creative space is so important for children and adults alike - it's vital to have a space that lets kids be kids and allows grown ups to relax and feel inspired. So here's #ourspacetocreate. This is Will, parrot_street support crew member, master storyteller, mindful colourer, author-illustrator in training. And here he is road-testing our March Cockatoo pack in his own small but perfectly formed #creativespace. . . . #ourinspiration #creativity #creativekids #storytelling #colouring #mindfulcolouring #mindfulness #mumsinbusiness #mumsinbiz #smallbusiness #parrotstreetlife #smallbusinesslife #familybusiness #smallbiz #mumsonamission #kidsbrand #indiebrand #shopsmall #kidsbookclub #welovebooks #kidsbooks #readingwithkids #familybookclub #subscriptionbox #kidssubscriptionbox #booksubscription #surreymums #londonmums the_mamahood ...

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My desk is a great example of how my head feels. One day I will become a tidy person. ...

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An enjoyable afternoon sewing whilst sweet music from the school opposite my flat came through the windows 🌟🥰🎻 I’ve been taking things a bit slower recently, still working everyday but just not quite as manically and allowing some time for other things. There is only so long you can give 110% until you crack up a little right? 🌟 For more about my day and some videos of me sewing head over to my stories 💓 • • #makersgonnashare #littlestoriesofmylife #takingthingsslow #smallbusinesslife #sewingbee #ourspacetocreate #myworkspace #sewingmachine #sewingbags #loveprint #ihavethisthingwithsewing #beinthemoment #burnout #enjoythelittlethings #prettyflorals #loveblue #ihavethisthingwithprints ...

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Volume 8 is flying off to the printers today to start it's journey to eventually end up on your coffee table! Can't quite believe we are adding the eighth edition to this collection!⁣ ⁣ Its been so interesting hearing your guesses on the size of our print run! We've had guesses from 500 right up to 20,000! I did say I'd reveal it on Wed, put I thought our 'going to print' day was more fitting. ⁣ ⁣ So, for volume 7, we actually did our biggest run ever at 5950! There was actually two people who guessed 6000 which was closest - brightcornershop & alittletweak - I will DM you both! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ⁣ ⁣ The very first print run we did back in 2016 was just 1300, so things have really grown from then, but printing ain't cheap folks, and I've never taken any loans or investment to fund it, I've always covered it through pre-orders & advertising sales. ⁣ ⁣ So in fact, for the next one I've trimmed it back a little to 5000 as I think our distributor was a little over zealous with our order for the States, where we aren't so well known yet & I'd rather there is minimal wastage & as many of those copies end up in people's homes & not just being recycled at the back of Barnes & Noble... ⁣ ⁣ I would love to get it up to 10,000 in the next few years but it's just whether i can finance a run that size & of course sell that many! ⁣ ⁣ So, make sure you are one of those 5000 people to own a copy of Volume 8! Out early October - available on pre-order or subscription on our website now! ⁣ ⁣ ▪▪▪▪⁣ #magazinecovers⁣ #independentmagazine⁣ #independentmagazines⁣ #indiemagazines⁣ #beautifulmagazines⁣ #printmagazine⁣ #indiepublishing ⁣ #magazinepublishing⁣ #interiorsmagazine⁣ #lifestylemagazine ⁣ #91magazine⁣ #my91magazine⁣ #myworkwall ⁣ #ourspacetocreate⁣ #creativestudio ⁣ #homeoffice ...

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Taking part in blueticking new hashtag #ourspacetocreate This is our little we_are_konoc space, and there is a lot of creating going on in here on a daily basis! Creating all your lovely orders, creating new ideas, new colour combinations, new products, new collaboration! I definitely have a creative mind, sometimes it goes completely off on a journey of its own and I have to try and rain it back in, and other times I like my imagination run free. Tonight I’m current sat at this machine making a little last minute crocodile tail for Roccos #worldbookday costume (check out my stories for more pics of this, its very last minute, who knows how this will turn out, it’s the thought that count right 🐊) This is definitely my happy place, sat her in my little theloftandus jungle 🌴🌴 and I lucky to call it my office each day. Can’t wait to see everyone’s #ourspacetocreate over the next few weeks/months, so do join in if you fancy showing us where you create, as I love seeing how different each space is 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . #studio #studiospace #create #creativespace #leatherwork #sewingmachine #sewing #farnham #surrey #england #imadethis #handmade #britishbrand #smallbrand #smallbiz #smallbrandbigideas ...

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Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been slowly getting back into my office after a wrist op. I’m still recovering but I’m hoping to have some new prints soon, as long as my wrist allows me to get designing again! However, you can still order my current prints as usual over on Etsy. Look at these get well cards designed by my niece & nephew - homemade is the best 😃 ...

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When you have to bring your kids to work and they get their pens out and set up their own creative space at the studio on one of our many desks!! The juggle in the holidays is never easy but sometimes it’s fun for them to see what we get up to when they are at school and the bribery of a tub of ice cream from the cafe always helps! The Esavian desk that Edith is sitting at (to the left) is online and perfect for all those creative souls out there. Plenty of worktop space and it has the added bonus of the storage underneath for their pens and notepads! Plus the legs are super cool! colourful green metal legged chairs also online. Have a wonderful weekend all, enjoy this time before the mad school routine starts again! #ourspacetocreate #studiolife #backtoschool #vintagedesk #schooldesk #kidsdesk #kidsinteriors #interiorsinspo #vintagefurniture #schoolfurniture #esavian ...

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Morning! Have I mentioned we have 15% off our desks for the whole of September??!! Go on, have a little peruse, link in bio. #schooldesk #kidsdesk #vintagefurniture #vintagedesk #backtoschool #kidsinteriors #interiorsinspo #kidsroomdecor #decorforkids #ourspacetocreate ...

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Knowing your style ☝🏽 . I see our little family home as another way to express our creativity and I think you can see our core we_are_konoc style throughout it! It’s definitely •Colourful •Playful •Bespoke and •Handmade - Jay Hans painted this wall, triangle by triangle!! He’s way more patient than I am, that’s for sure!!! Artist 👨🏾‍🎨 🎨 . #ourspacetocreate #playroom #myhomevibe #behindthebrand #athome #interiordesign #interiorinspo #smallbusiness #leatherbrand #britishbrand #handmade #madeinbritain #farnham #surrey #konoc #konochomeware #interior #interiorstyling #interiorblog #interiorstyle #myhomevibe #mystyle ...

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This is my #ourspacetocreate blueticking 😊 #workingwonder #workingmum #careercoach ...

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And the winner is…

@flat102. We chose this image because we love the colours and of course the desk is right up our street. It feels like a wonderfully calm and creative space.. 


#ourspacetocreate blog

Head over to our blog to read everything creative spaces! Each month we will interview someone about their creative space/s and why it’s important to them.

For Our June interview, we are speaking to the lovely Natalie from Mud Kitchens.

read #ourspacetocreate blog




We want you to feel inspired and help your family connect with their creative side. Your space can be anything you want it to be, there are no rules or parameters.

A desk could be the perfect starting place, as could a fun print, or other room décor.

To help you get started we have put together a range of items. Simply click on any of the images to find out more.

Don’t forget to head over to our blog to read about other creative spaces.





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