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The joyful summer holidays – Yes I really did just say that!

Tomorrow Miss Edith will be heading back to school and into Year One. This in itself is quite remarkable given it only seems like yesterday I was waving her off into Reception. It’s funny how things change in a year and how much she has grown up from that nervous looking four year old by our front door. Fast forward a year and the summer holidays were upon us. The timing was perfect because both kids were pretty much on their knees with tiredness so I was looking forward to a slower pace. However, there is always that feeling of trepidation before a big hols, wondering how you are going to fill the time and also how to cope with the constant presence of children! We are now at the end of the holidays and I can honestly say it has been one of the best! Don’t get me wrong, we have had irrational meltdowns, sibling bickering and numerous timeouts, but for some reason it has all been a lot more manageable. I think this is partly due to the change in Edith that I mentioned earlier. She has matured and is far more reasonable than she was this time last year. She is also more socially aware and keen to please and make others happy. She is no angel obviously, but just these simple things make a big difference and our time together on the whole has been pretty brilliant. Whilst I am keen to return to some sense of normality and to get our routine back I am also rather sad to see the holidays end. Please note that this has never EVER happened before!!!

So what have we filled our time with? The biggy was our holiday to the South of France at the end of July. It was an incredibly lazy week where all we did pretty much was swim, eat, drink and sleep. This was on repeat for 7 days and it was fab and by far the loveliest of holidays we have had as a foursome. I even managed to lie on a sun bed for more than five minutes and read a 600 page book, that’s how relaxed and calm it was. Will it ever happen again I wonder?




We also spent lots of time catching up with friends and family. We had days to various National Trust properties, Wisley, Alice Holt Forest, picnics galore, park visits, simple garden action, BBQ’s and we even managed to sneak in a nights camping down the road.




The latter was greatly enjoyed by the kids because they got the chance to eat hotdogs, marshmallows and drink hot chocolate which was then topped off with a late night. What more do 3 and 5 year olds want? Sadly I woke after feeling a little jaded as about 30 mins of sleep was devoured due to the rather noisy geese and turkeys on the farm! Plus I was surrounded by one snoring John and two heavy breathing children. Not the best recipe for a goods nights sleep!


Miss Edith also started horse riding lessons which has been a bit of a revelation because less than a year ago she was terrified of most animals. Right from the get go she got straight on the horse and hasn’t looked back. I feat rather proud watching her trot off, even if it her body did look rather rag doll like when she bobbed up and down at speed!!!


So all in all it has been great. We have managed to fill the six weeks quite happily. We haven’t had lots of expensive days out or done anything particularly elaborate, but the kids have been more than happy just to run around, climb trees and hang out with friends. Now I am under no illusion that this joyful holiday experience will happen again so I will revel in the here and now and not get too excited about the October half term!!!

Now one must focus the mind on back to school and getting into full work mode. I have one more week with Miss Maggie before she goes into her final year of pre school and then it’s all systems go. We have a lot going on at Blue Ticking HQ before Christmas so once we are back to normal I really need to crack on, make some decisions and get stuff done!

I hope you have all had enjoyable holidays and if you have little ones starting school for the first time, I hope all goes well. There may well be tears, (mainly from the parents) but embrace the moment because it will be gone in a flash. Whilst it might seem daunting, remember it’s the start of a wonderful new chapter in your little persons life. For me, I will get re acquainted with the delights of phonics, realising how rubbish I am at maths and will try really hard not to get impatient when Edith doesn’t want to read every book in sight! Wish me luck folks.



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