The magical Christmas Tree Outing

So Christmas is virtually upon us and we in the Shaw household are gradually gearing ourselves up for the big day. With a 3 1/2 year old and a soon to be two year old, excitement levels are reaching fever pitch. Each morning I seem to go through the same ritual of trying to explain that it’s nearly Christmas day, but not quite. Once the realisation has set in they happily get back to screaming, chasing each other and respectively idolising Peppa Pig and Queen Elsa. I’m not sure when the concept of time kicks in!

Last weekend, we embarked on our yearly tree outing to Santa Fir in Cranleigh. The kids love running down the endless rows of trees and are always happy to see the ‘real life’ reindeers. Trepidation soon set in however, as we enter one of the gift shops. It’s on the small side and with two little people who each have wandering hands and at times precarious balance in tow, one wonders how long the magic can last. Sensing Miss Edith’s keen eye for all that sparkles we make a quick exit and head to the more roomy, but no less worrying ‘bigger’ shop.

We each take a child, cross our fingers and attempt to manage this ‘special’ shopping trip. I have already resigned myself to buying decorations i’m not over the moon about, anything to minimise the inevitable meltdowns. Miss Edith immediately spots something sparkly and star like, but I manage to steer her away due to it’s, ‘it could take your or your sisters eye out’ potential. Miss Maggie grabs everything in sight, but luckily she’s on Daddy’s watch so happily I leave him to her and the impending fall out! There are lots of ooohhs and ahhhs and an overwhelming desire to touch every flashing light and lit up animal. I must admit that I shared this particular desire, the penquins were fab!

After 15 minutes of browsing we come away with two gold stars, a wooden reindeer and two particularly offensive glitzy baubles. John and I are relieved and still talking, the kids are happy and the shop is still in one piece. I call that a success. We head home listening to cheesy Christmas songs and the promise of a hot chocolate. Happy days 🙂




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