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Why buying vintage furniture is a win win!

For those of you who have followed us for some time you will know that we are all about furniture with a story to tell. Most of our goods are vintage and have had a colourful life already! We absolutely love this and celebrate it wherever and whenever we can. We enjoy imagining how many people have sat at one of our desks or interacted with a piece of our furniture. Obviously we are a little biased when it comes to vintage, but we thought it might be helpful to pin point why buying vintage is such a good idea.

Every piece has a different story to tell

You cannot beat the original markings. When we are busy restoring our furniture we are reminded of their past with their desk scribbles and general markings from the various scrapes and bumps the have succumbed to. It all provides a rich tapestry and whilst we do have to remove some of the more naughty pictures and words we try and keep as much of the original patina as we can. I love imagining who has sat at a particular desk or what one of our storage solutions used to house.

You are doing your bit for the planet

Not only does vintage furniture have a story to tell but by buying old you are without a doubt helping the planet. You are reusing and therefore reducing the carbon footprint and what ends up in landfill. Sustainability is very much at the heart of choosing vintage furniture.

Vintage furniture stands the test of time!

Not only do vintage goods look great they are also very well made. The craftsmanship that goes into many of these older pieces of furniture ensures they will last a life time. The reason the old school desks keep going through the years is because they are solid and brilliantly made. Both of our daughters have a desk in their bedroom and they are used every day!

You are extending its life!

Every time I sell one of our goods it brings me pure joy because I know the life of that piece of furniture has been extended further, it has been given a new lease of life and it will be used and loved for many more years to come. Our bathroom shelf was picked up at an antiques fair and it will house all of our beach finds for many years to come.

It adds variety to your home

For us, it’s all about the mix! Our home is full of both vintage goods and more modern pieces. By introducing vintage furniture you are adding texture and creating spaces full of personality. In addition vintage often ensures a timeless look and one that won’t diminish when trends fade or change. We love our vintage sideboard and retro chair in our kitchen diner. They are two pieces which sit perfectly alongside more modern choices.

Vintage often means unique!

Many of the goods we sell are one offs and therefore totally unique to you. They aren’t out of a catalogue and they give your home personality.

Vintage can be repurposed or made into something else

The great thing about vintage furniture is you can often repurpose it and change its look. We do this a lot to our vintage desks by adding a pop of colour to the hinges or legs. You can also make them into something else. A great example of this is the vintage enamel pots which we have renamed The Maggie! In their previous life they were used to store food and we have repurposed them into both storage and seating! They have basically been given a new lease of life and we couldn’t be happier and you guys seem to love them too!

I could go on and on and give you plenty more reasons why you should buy vintage. Essentially for me it’s about adding character, fun and individuality to your home as well as helping to make sustainable interior choices.

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