Wonderful Easter Holidays

I do love a holiday. Not only because you get to hang out with family and friends more, but life is generally run at a slower pace. There seems to be less rushing about and trying to get out of the house at the crack of dawn. It was a real novelty to be still in our pj’s at 10am, though i’m not sure the Sainsbury’s delivery man felt the same!

The Easter weekend is always a highlight and this one was no different; time spent with friends and family and enjoying this unusually wonderful weather. On Easter Sunday we had my family over and of course the obligatory Easter Egg hunt was staged. Shrieks of delight followed with every egg discovery and by the end each child seemed to have found their own body weight in chocolate! Suffice to say they tucked in straight away with me being the mean parent and trying to limit their consumption!


I have also spent a lot of time thinking about Miss Edith starting school in September. It has suddenly dawned on me that us ‘hanging out’ will suddenly be reduced in a few months. Have I done enough with her? Has she had a fun packed four years? Have I got the balance right between work and time with them? I certainly hope its been ok. As John pointed out she probably won’t remember, but that’s not really the point. Currently the latter question is particularly on my mind because starting a business requires a huge amount of energy and perseverance and because it’s yours I find I never quite switch off even when I am meant to. We are nearly at the end of our first year and I know things are going to ramp even more from here.

I try and have a day a week in the holidays when it’s just me and Mis Edith. We had one of these last week and it was brilliant. I can’t quite believe I am saying it but in a whole 24 hour period not one meltdown struck! It was a day totally geared towards her of course so she generally got her own way; no doubt that probably had something to do with the positive outcome! At her request we went swimming, to the park twice, had an ice cream, went to the toy shop, (yes I got conned into buying something) and had lunch at Pizza Express. Perfect.


I look forward to many more of these over the summer holidays as well as lazy days in the garden having oodles of fun with both of the kiddy winks!

P.S Just in case you were wondering, normal meltdown service resumed the next day with vengeance!

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